In the Whispering Gallery

Church is rooted in architecture and bricks yet also transcends its physical space, signifying something larger, something metaphysical.


Seeking inspiration for the commission, Miller listened to the stories of St Paul’s but found his subject in the Whispering Gallery. Natural, magical and large, the modern day whispers in the gallery are connected to three passages in the Bible from Isiah, Kings and Job where older whispers live.


There is a passage in Kings where people were expecting God to show up and they were waiting for something big to happen, but God appears in the smallest whisper. What does it mean to be brought so low, to be so humbled that someone would whisper rather than use great, big sounds?

Rise Up

Patience Agbabi

First to Last Watch

Inua Ellams

The Nurse, the Admiral and the Duke

Anthony Anaxagourou


Deanna Rodger

In the Whispering Gallery

Kei Miller