Rise Up

StPaul’s Cross has for centuries been a recognised outdoor meeting place for civil and ecclesiastical gatherings: a cathedral has probably existed on the same site for more than 1,400 years. The fourth, finished in 1327, is known as old St Paul’s. In 1666, it was destroyed by the Great Fire of London. The only statue that remained was that of John Donne, poet and Dean of St Paul’s (1621–1631) who gave electrifying sermons at St Paul’s Cross.


It’s alleged that when Christopher Wren began rebuilding the cathedral, he began with the dome. He asked a labourer to bring a stone to mark the exact centre. By astonishing coincidence, his random stone happened to be part of a gravestone bearing the single word, ‘RESURGAM’ (‘I shall rise again.’)


In 2011, Occupy London spearheaded an uprising, a protest against corporate greed. A march on the London Stock Exchange was moved on and assembled outside St Paul’s, where protesters set up camp. Initially welcomed by the cathedral, the camp was evicted four months later by the City of London Corporation. A year later, four women from Christianity Uncut, ‘The St Paul’s Four’, disrupted evensong by chaining themselves to the pulpit and challenging the cathedral’s links with the city.

Rise Up

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